SIMA-2017 Exhibition

Case IH: no more secrets!

At the Agritechnica exhibition, which took place in November 2017, the well-known company presented one of its “secret” products to the world – the Luxxum tractor series. They were presented in three modifications at once, in proportion to the power of the power plant – the models were named 100, 110 and 120. The secrecy of the development is explained by the fact that this Case series of tractors was kept secret before the presentation in order to make a greater impression on potential buyers. Nevertheless, the minimal information leaks made it clear what product they should present, and the SIMA-2017 exhibition in Paris allowed to study it thoroughly.

SIMA-2017 Exhibition

Technical characteristics of new tractors Case

There is a lot of interesting in terms of technical capabilities in the models:

Power point. Three modifications of the Stage IV engine are available – 99, 107 and 117 horsepower. Each of them is installed on a specific model in accordance with its serial number – 100, 110 and 120. A distinctive feature of new engines lies in the Hi-eSCR system, which was developed directly by the manufacturer of the equipment.

Transmission. Here, the new tractor Case was also pleased – the 32F / 32R modification at once with four adjustable ranges provides excellent driving performance. When using Powershuttle ranges becomes three, which can also be considered a good indicator among the offers available on the market. Due to this, the maximum speed of the tractor reaches 40 km / h – while the tachometer will show the number of revolutions about 1700 per minute.

Control. Improved cab, a higher level of automation and other modern trends have been fully implemented by the manufacturer in the new model. Special attention is given to the multifunctional armrest for controlling all the systems of the tractor. Multicontroller allows you to install an additional joystick to control the loading systems with the ability to control the transmission.

Power capabilities. The hydraulics in the tractor work as efficiently as possible and allow the pump to produce 100 l / min – this is quite enough for the efficient operation of almost any attachments.

With regards to other features, it is worth noting the possibility of fully automatic shifting. This functionality provides significant fuel savings and lower operating costs, and quite tangible. In addition, the wheelbase of the new tractors is 2.42 meters, and the size of the tramline can be adjusted in three stages at once.

More about technical capabilities can be found here:

Luxxum Additional Features

The optional front axle and updated cab suspension are far from the only advantage of the new Case equipment. The most important thing is that the manufacturer has managed, with the real dimensions of the tractor, to ensure high traction characteristics at the expense of the “engine-transmission” ligament and at the same time ensure a fairly low level of fuel consumption.

Do not forget about the design – with its forms, the cabin provides the operator with the maximum level of comfort, and carefully adjusted and thoughtful internal ergonomics ensures an adequate level of comfort even when working in the “non-stop” mode. This indicator is especially important, because in the most intense periods (sowing, harvesting, etc.) the load on drivers increases significantly, so special attention should be paid to their comfort in the process.