New Nova combine and other Rostselmash plans for 2018

The Rostselmash company, widely known in the agricultural sector, announced the Nova combine harvester, which intends to be released into mass production in 2018. The main feature of the new model is that it will be primarily intended for the collection of grain crops in fields with a small area. Such an approach will allow reaching a wider target audience, ranging from conditionally small farms to large representatives of the agrarian sector. According to previously submitted information, the announcement of the production of a new type of combine was to occur at the end of 2017.

According to some data, the development of equipment was started 2 years earlier – we are talking about the production of a compact third-class forage harvester with an automatic control system, which should increase the efficiency of the production operations performed. The process of creating a new combine Nova, one of the largest Russian manufacturers of agricultural machinery “Rostselmash” was funded by two sources:

214 million rubles – personal funds of the company;

185 million rubles – a loan from the Industry Development Fund.

The approximate ratio of own and borrowed money was 60/40, which indicates that the company is seriously investing its own earnings in the development of innovative equipment.

Combine harvester Nova: development prospects

If you believe insider information, then the main goal of the new project of a well-known agrarian group is to create real competition through its own development and even press out competitors of European and Chinese origin from the domestic market. This is a kind of minimum plan, since the ambitions of the company go even further, and the next goal is to confidently enter the markets of other countries, including Europe, Mongolia and some Asian countries.

Since it is extremely difficult to achieve a similar result due to the attempt to sell only one grain combine, the company has firmly taken up the development of an updated version from the line.

The effectiveness and prospects of such a solution looks quite convincing if you look at the enterprise statistics for the past 2017. The main vectors, which somehow emerged in an informal key, are as follows:

More than 600 manufactured RSM 2375 tractors for 2017, which were made from domestic components and assemblies, and their development was carried out by Canadian experts.

This year, the number of tractors produced is planned to be at least doubled to cover more broadly promising sales markets interested in such products.

Aura of mystery over the company. There are no full data from Rostselmash reports regarding the total number of vehicles produced in 2017 in the public domain, as well as data on the company’s plans for the current year in quantitative and digital equivalent.

In general, the Nova combine harvester is far from the company’s only hope for active development. If we talk about the group of companies as a whole, then it consists of 12 separate enterprises, and the series of manufactured equipment consists of more than a hundred and fifty models of 24 types of various agricultural equipment. In addition to fodder harvesters, they also include tractors of various capacities, equipment for fodder processing, sprayers, and also forage harvesting equipment. All equipment is manufactured under two brands – Rostselmash and Versatile.