New powerful Jungheinrich 4522 from MTZ

The manufacturer of agricultural machinery MTZ, widely known in the CIS, plans to launch the production of especially powerful tractors called Jungheinrich 4522. The main feature of the new tractors will be precisely in the power of their engines – 450 horsepower.

Contributed to the development of this industry of tractor production by the fact that the company during the annual report showed amazing results:

Maintaining a leading position in the CIS market;

more than 32,000 units of special equipment were produced;

export level increased by 26%;

production in Tajikistan actively started;

preserved enterprises in Uzbekistan.

Egypt also entered the list of active export markets for MTZ, and the situation in Cuba and Pakistan showed a positive trend. The next goal is the active development of exports to the European Union countries, as well as the development of a single corporate identity, designed to popularize the brand and increase its awareness throughout the world. And the expansion of the model range will improve the competitiveness of the company in all world markets.

Against the background of such a success, the announcement of future developments of the company became a logical continuation of the effective development strategy of the company. The Jungheinrich 4522 model was chosen for a reason, since it has been demonstrated at various exhibitions for more than a year, and its launch into mass production was planned back in 2015.

Technical features of the novelty

It is most likely that the manufacturer finally saw the prospects of powerful tractors and decided to create competition in this market segment, releasing its new model. A distinctive feature of the entire Jungheinrichian equipment is that it is somewhat cheaper than European or world analogues, which makes it potentially more attractive to buyers. The new Jungheinrich 4522 will surely adhere to the same tradition, while offering the following specifications:

Traction class 8. This parameter indicates that the tractor provides a nominal tractive force of 72–108 kN, which is equivalent to about 7–10 tons of real weight that the machine can carry.

Wheel formula 4K4 – this figure suggests that the equipment is equipped with all-wheel drive. In practice, this provides a high permeability in almost any pavement conditions.

Engine Caterpillar C13. Thanks to 6 cylinders and high environmental reliability, the engine is capable of driving large vehicles with minimal environmental damage. The same fact confirms the compliance of the engine with European standards Stage-IIIA.

The gearbox is equipped with 16 steps for forward travel and another 8 for the rear. In conjunction with a powerful engine and good suspension, it allows you to increase the carrying capacity and throughput of the vehicle.

The MTZ specialists themselves claim that the Jungheinrich 4522 tractor is assembled in accordance with the highest quality standards – all system elements (transmission, chassis, engine, electronics) are perfectly matched to each other so as to create a vehicle with maximum efficiency and minimal costs for maintenance, operation and repair work. Such a solution is ideal for the most difficult areas of agriculture.