Puma X – a tractor that Europe loves!

The Case IH Puma X tractor, which is the most modern in terms of functionality and reliability, was announced last year – at Agritechnica-2017 it could be viewed in detail and learned all the technical features. In general, the concept of this series of manufacturer’s equipment is extremely simple – the buyer must obtain maximum functionality at an affordable price, and the simplicity of the design at the same time ensures minimum operating costs.

The Puma X tractor fully complies with all requirements, as the Case IH has focused precisely on the simplicity and reliability of its operation. In total, three models are presented in the series, but the variability of their performance is quite extensive:

Engine power ranges from 140 to 175 horsepower, with a volume of 6.7 liters.

With a similar volume, the power plant is able to “squeeze” out of itself from 150 to 190 liters. with.

The most powerful representative of the line – 165-210 l. with. with the same engine size.

All three versions of the equipment are equipped with a six-speed semi-automatic gearbox, which, in conjunction with a high-performance engine, provides good traction characteristics. As for the speed of movement on an even surface, the new transport of a well-known brand is pleasantly pleased – almost 40 km / h can be called an excellent indicator for such special equipment.

Other features of Case Puma X tractors

Since the main focus of the manufacturer in the next line of technology has been to ensure maximum functionality and high performance with unpretentious maintenance, then some features of tractors are designed to provide this selection of parameters:

Design. Carefully, concisely and at the same time as modern as possible – this is how you can briefly describe the appearance of the Case IH tractors of the Puma series.

Weight. Due to the simplification of the gearbox, the manufacturer was faced with the need to reduce the overall weight of the tractor in order to increase the level of productivity. The changes primarily affected the rear axle, which was made lighter, while ensuring an adequate level of maneuverability and resistance to mechanical damage.

Interface. Since the models of the series are “simplified” in all respects, this fate did not escape the management interface – it became more intuitive, simple and effective, which is especially important for farmers in the medium and small segments of the industry.

Additional functionality. The steering system close to the maximum automation and the ability to adjust the number of revolutions of the steering wheel to its extreme position are additional functionality that will make the control of the tractor more comfortable depending on the type of work it performs.

Since the new tractor series is focused on the Eastern European market, their entire functionality, technical features and performance indicators may vary in accordance with the needs of representatives of the agricultural business of a particular country. At the same time, the base minimum has already been announced and demonstrated by the manufacturer at the Agritechnica-2017 exhibition, and the possibility of modernization is quite real if the manufacturer plans to satisfy the market requirements to the maximum.