The most popular tractors in USA for 2017

According to the data of the engineering union of USA, a kind of top 10 of the most popular and sought-after manufacturers was created. All information was taken from open sources, and the rating was made taking into account the number of units of equipment sold per year. In the ranking of the most popular tractor in USA, predominantly German manufacturers were expected. General statistics show that almost 33.7 thousand units of tractors were sold on the German agrarian market, which is 17.9% more than in 2016. If we take the statistics for the last 5 years, then more special equipment was sold only in 2013 and 2014.


In the first place in the top ten most popular manufacturers, the company John Deere has quite predictably come out. The manufacturer managed to sell more than 6,000 units of its tractors, and the total market coverage was about 18%.


The closest result was demonstrated by Fendt, which sold a little less than 5,800 units of equipment and acquired 17% of the market.


Deutz-Fahr closes the top three, although its result is completely incomparable with the figures of the race leaders among German-made tractors – 3 thousand cars sold and the total market control percentage at 8.9%.

All subsequent companies managed to sell from 900 to almost 2,800 units of equipment. In order of succession, the rating is as follows:

kubota tractor

4th place – Kubota. The manufacturer sold a little more than 2,700 units of special equipment, which accounted for about 8% of the total number on the market.

Case IH

5th place – Case IH. The brand indicator is 2,200 tractors sold and 6.5% of the German market.


6 place – Claas. The company showed almost the same results as the competitor to the position above, but managed to get only 6.4% in the tractor market.

new holland

7th place – New Holland. In total, the manufacturer sold 2085 units of equipment, having obtained 6.2 percent of the total quantity sold during the year.

Massey Ferguson

8th place – Massey Ferguson. Just over 1500 tractors sold and 4.4% of the market – this is the result of the year for the eminent manufacturer.


9th place – Valtra. Exactly one thousand sold tractors and 3% of the market were recorded by this manufacturer.


10th place – Iseki. This company closes the top ten, which sold 983 units of tractors for the year.

The rating was compiled by the union of German machine builders (VDMA), so its results can be considered reliable.

The credibility of the European ranking leader

So important for a huge industry, the rating of one of the most progressive European countries can only be made with the participation of a professional “referee” whose impartiality and professionalism does not cause even the slightest doubt. In this regard, the Union of German machine builders fully complies with all requirements.

The organization has more than 3,000 members, and the central office is based in the city of Frankfurt am Main. It is noteworthy that the union primarily supports the interests of the medium-sized business, which speaks of its impartiality and non-engagement.

Last year, the association celebrated its 125th anniversary. One of the main features is the fact that all its participants can solve various technical problems in a kind of closed team, raise important economic and production issues, and also find support from partners and just colleagues in the shop.

As for the main activities of this non-profit organization, they are quite extensive:

Export markets and their conjuncture;

research and production activities;

energy and environmental issues;

public and economic policies inside and outside the country;

organization of conditions for obtaining education at the professional level;

assistance in the organization of enterprises and management;

issues in the legal framework and the fineness of taxation.

The list is not limited to this, since the organization is constantly adapting to the modern conditions of business activity. The most striking confirmation of this is the fact that the VDMA “took under its wing” 6 land unions, possesses 7 representative offices in other countries and consists of 37 branch unions of a smaller scale.

Taking into account such a large-scale structure of the organization, as well as a professional approach to the performance of its work, one can trust the results of its calculations without the slightest doubt. That is why the ranking of the best tractors in USA as accurately as possible reflects the real state of affairs in one of the largest European agricultural markets.