Valtra T america

Valtra T – the record holder of the Finnish tractor production

At the last year’s Agritechnica-2017, there were favorites that won the confidence not only of experts, but also of ordinary users. One of these was the tractor series Valtra T, which got the “gold” in several nominations. In general, this situation is quite expected, since the Finnish manufacturer presented to the general public in some way a completely innovative product with a very recognizable design and well-thought-out ergonomics.

Valtra T america

Three main titles that the new tractor acquired:

“Top Class Tractor”;

“Tractor of the Year 2018”;

“The best tractor design.”

If, regarding the first two awards, competitors had at least minimal chances of winning, then in terms of design, the new Valtra T became something truly innovative. The recognizable futuristic design, excellent ergonomics, and the inside and outside of the cabin, as well as the harmonious combination of all the components did not leave even the slightest chances to the opponents.

Against this background, the company decided to expand its presence in the new markets of the former Soviet Union. First of all, this concerns the promises of the Finnish brand in 2018 to begin deliveries of its special equipment to Ukraine. There are high chances that domestic farmers will be able to get for their own use the very titled Valtra T 254 Versu Smart Touch tractor.

“Victory march” across Europe

It is noteworthy that at the end of the exhibition and receiving all the awards, the manufacturer began a kind of expansion of the European market, winning the sympathy of a huge number of consumers, especially in the countries of the northern region. Due to the mere design of such a result, it would simply not have been possible to achieve this; therefore, the technical component of the entire equipment of the company played a decisive role in this process.

The main record among buyers of the brand’s products and the undisputed leader in the list is France, where 23% of the entire (!) Manufactured equipment is supplied. This is a very worthy indicator for the Finns, who in the domestic market are already practically monopolists with a total share of about 50% of all agricultural machinery sold.

In Estonia, the company won about 15% of the total market, surpassing such giants as John Deere and New Holland. In Norway, the situation is even brighter – every fifth tractor purchased belongs to a Finnish brand. Among the favorites in the country – the model Valtra N 174, as well as growing in demand Valtra T-series from the exhibition in Hanover. For comparison:

467 is the number of tractors sold in 2016;

688 is the same as in 2017.

The growth in demand almost one and a half times indicates that the brand’s products acquire their fan base among the representatives of the agricultural sector.

The second largest market after the native company was acquired in Iceland with a total presence of about 32%. The three leaders there also include such famous brands as New Holland and Massey Ferguson. It is safe to assume that such a high level of demand in the northern countries of Europe is due to the fact that products are manufactured by northerners, taking into account the actual operating conditions in a not very favorable climate zone. That is why among users there are no complaints about the performance of Valtra equipment in the cold seasons.