Just a few Ferrari Sergio supercars are known to exist in the world.

Customers who purchased a Pininfarina Sergio from Ferrari in 2015 paid a whopping $3 million for the privilege. Unlike the concept car, it has a windscreen and a hardtop, but the headrests are not integrated into the roll bar. The interior, taillights, indicators, and side-view mirrors, on the other hand, were all retained. An engine […]

Review of the 2020 Ferrari F8 Tributo

What does a name mean? As for this year’s Geneva Motor Show-launched Ferrari F8 Tributo, which goes on sale in the winter, a lot. Ferrari’s initial V8 was a Lancia, created by Vittorio Jano for the 1950s D50 grand-Prix vehicles and turned over to Enzo for a song when Lancia faced financial collapse, as Tributo […]

This Driving Course Will Introduce You to the Track.

“Stop looking down at the road and look up!!” As the Ferrari V-12 engine howls in the background, my helmet earpiece is filled with a strong Southern twang that makes the demanding sound almost mild. I press the gas and speed up. Focus on the road ahead; three turns out! The place you wish to […]