Just a few Ferrari Sergio supercars are known to exist in the world.

Just a few Ferrari Sergio supercars are known to exist in the world.

Customers who purchased a Pininfarina Sergio from Ferrari in 2015 paid a whopping $3 million for the privilege. Unlike the concept car, it has a windscreen and a hardtop, but the headrests are not integrated into the roll bar. The interior, taillights, indicators, and side-view mirrors, on the other hand, were all retained.

An engine that generates 562 horsepower and 398 pounds-feet of torque, coupled with a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, allows the car to go from rest to 60mph in 3.4 seconds. Monodado’s lightweight 21-inch alloy wheels with hub caps from a Ferrari 458 Challenge and a custom engine cover with circular holes modeled after the Ferrari Modulo are other notable features. Also, the 1965 Ferrari Dino prototype serves as a design inspiration for the car, which was Sergio Pininfarina’s first solo Ferrari project.

Stunning 1,200-horsepower Ferrari F80 concept vehicle

A closer look at the F80, created by Adriano Raeli, is now available. With a sharp front, an aggressive rear, and a lengthy wheelbase, it shares many of the design features of its predecessors. Ferrari may use the V12 engine from the LaFerrari, a hybrid 900hp twin-turbo V8 engine combined with a 300hp KERS system. That doesn’t mean that the vehicle will be less powerful, even if it has a smaller engine. Continue reading for additional images and details.

If this hypercar makes it into limited production, it should have a 0-62mph time of just 2.2 seconds and a top speed of 310 mph or 499 k/h, making it one of the fastest cars globally. An immediate rival to the upcoming Koenigsegg One, which was anticipated to be the world’s fastest sports automobile, capable of reaching 440 kilometers per hour (250 miles per hour).

Silverstone hosts the largest-ever gathering of Ferrari F40s.

The Ferrari F40 celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2012 with a record-breaking turnout at the Silverstone Circuit in the United Kingdom. To be more precise, approximately 60 of these highly coveted automobiles came to the British track in the company of F40 owners from around the world. However, despite its lack of technological advancement, it was still the first 200 mph road automobile introduced in 1987. There were just two years that the F40 was made.

To commemorate Ferrari’s 40th anniversary, the F40 was first unveiled in 1987. At 478 hp, it is the world’s first production road car to reach 200 mph.

A completely electric version of the Ferrari Millenio

The Ferrari Millenio could be a serious challenger to the Tesla Roadster by 2020 when other open-top electric supercars come to market. Two electric engines, one powered by solar panels and the other by an inductive power transfer system, power this two-seater with a carbon nanotube reinforced body that is stronger than steel but lighter than carbon fiber. How much will this cost me? Because the Porsche 918 will cost more than $1 million and is only available in very limited quantities, you should plan to pay at least that amount, or even more if you want one.

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